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Lil' Diner is featuring two incredible products !

Baby Diner - dish holder
The Baby Diner - dish holder (pictured to the left) is a device that attaches to smooth table tops or structures and allows a parent or guardian to secure a plate, bowl or any other smooth bottom sided dinnerware to prevent accidentally knocking or throwing of plates, bowls and even cups (with the cup holder attachment) on the floor by young children, persons with special needs or outdoor enthusiasts.  10 times stronger then store bought suction bowls or suction plates.  Lil' Diner lets you use ceramic, stoneware, plastic and glass dishes right out of your cabinets! Practically anything that has a smooth and non-porous bottom works!  

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The Plate Saver clamp system by lil diner

The Plate Saver clamp system by Lil' Diner is another excellent dining tool!  It provides super strong stability when dining.  Whether smooth or rough table tops. The Plate Saver system works with all types of surfaces to secure your dishes!  
The Plate Saver and Baby Diner also work great for Travelers, RV's, Boaters, Campers, Physical Therapy, Special Education classrooms, Retirement Homes and anywhere else where a stable dining environment may be compromised by physical or natural elements.

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