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Lil Diner can help you sell online!


Let’s face it….   Selling online is difficult

You Invest all your time and money into developing a great product.  You finally receive your first batch of manufactured goods and sit down ready to learn and sell your products online.  Unfortunately, no one prepared you for the tremendous learning curve of “how to” actually sell products online.  Now you need to invest MORE time and MORE money to build a website, budget Adwords, Invest in SEO, Backlinks, Bloggers, Reviews and the list goes on and on…  Frustrated, you turn to Ecommerce giants like Amazon and Ebay to try and get your foot in the door and make some sort of splash in a world of a million product choices.




don't give up your margin to online retailers, let Lil' Diner helpExpenses start to pile up…

Don't overpay to sell your products onlineNow expenses start to show up and all the hired so called experts have left you with a large bill and no results.  In a desperate attempt to move inventory you open a seller account or vendor express account with Amazon to start selling your inventory and offer what you think is a solid wholesale price and sit back praying for the orders to start coming in.  As you dive in deeper to Amazon, you notice your hour a day of budgeted time for one account is slowly turning into a 24/7 monitoring job.  All you want to do is spend time MARKETING your great new product to other accounts and creating more lines, but unfortunately Amazon completely consumes your work day.  As weeks go by and some orders begin to slowly trickle in you start to notice something completely unexpected…. FEES, CHARGEBACKS, ALLOWANCES and FINES.   What happened?…  Your original 40% – 50% markup is now lost from hidden fees.





Lil Diner can help you sell onlineLET LIL’ DINER HELP

We don’t just make Awesome products, we partner with entrepreneurs & manufacturers who need help selling their products online.  We have been working with manufacturers for over 8 years consulting and partnering to optimize their product catalogs online.  We work with companies who have 1 product to 1000+ product catalogs.  Our program is designed to alleviate the stress and burden of selling online, especially with Amazon.  We use a custom grounded SEO approach on all our products marketing copy, bullet points and titles.  This also includes maximizing photo imaging and touch-ups with our in-house design team to make your product shine.  There are NO upfront Fees to partner with us.  We remain hidden in all transactions and only your brand is showcased with the buyers.  We are NOT a 3rd party retailer, we work exclusively with Major E-commerce Retail Buyers Directly.  Here is a breakdown of what we can do for you and your company:
how it works Lil Diner distribution plan



We Also Distribute These Product Categories as Well…

Outdoor Gear
Sports Equipment
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