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Baby Diner – Dish Holder


  • Works great with smooth, non-porous dishes like plastic, ceramic, glass, china, stoneware and melamine dishes
  • Secure Dishes to Table Tops and High Chair Trays
  • Easy to use and Dishwasher Safe
  • Great for home and dining out at restaurants
  • Made in the USA

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Product Description

Look out Baby Suction Bowls…  Baby Diner-Dish Holder by Lil’ Diner is the #1 Best Selling Baby dish holder on the market!  Invented by a dad who was tired of watching good food go to waste.  As he watched dishes break over and over again from his son he become frustrated.  Add to that, the guilt of feeding his son off of the germ infested public table at restaurants to avoid breaking plates when he wasn’t looking.  Dad set out to find a new solution.  Viola! The Lil’ Diner company was born and the Baby Diner dish holder.  Dad could finally enjoy his meal in comfort and serve his son off a clean plate and not the table top at home or out at their favorite restaurant.

The Baby Diner-Dish Holder is made in the USA with 100% tested and approved quality safe materials.  Don’t be fooled by cheap suction cup bowls or plates that have weak suction cup power.  These cheap knockoffs are flimsy and hold only a small amount of force.  Side by side comparisons of baby suction bowls and the Baby Diner dish holder show the Extreme suction power of the Baby Diner dish holder versus the cheap built in baby suction bowls on the market.  The Baby Diner uses commercial strength BPA free suction cups to grip dishes and smooth surfaces tight.   Trust the commercial strength of the Baby Diner dish holder!

To use, Simply attach the two super strong suction cups on the bottom side to any smooth non-porous highchair tray or table top.  Then simply use your own ceramic, stoneware, glass, plastic or melamine smooth bottom sided dishes right from your kitchen cabinet and press down firmly on the Baby Diner top suction cup to create a secure and safe dining experience for your child. No more spills, breaks or wasted food at the dinner table.  The Baby Diner – dish holder by Lil’ Diner is the perfect tool to keep your little one focused on eating and giving YOU back your hands to focus on enjoying your meal again without the worry of a lost plate of food.


Still Don’t believe us?…  watch the video for yourself


Don’t have smooth table tops?…  Don’t worry, we got you covered!  Check out the Lil’ Diner Mealtime Survival Kit.  This kit not only includes the original dual suction Baby Diner dish holder, but also includes the Plate Saver clamp system for use on rough tables and surfaces.


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