Lil' Diner Mealtime Survival Kit, baby suction bowls
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Lil Diner Mealtime Survival Kit


  • The Lil’ Diner Mealtime Survival Kit Includes: One Baby Diner-dish holder Dual-suction Device, One Plate Saver Clamp Device, and One Convenient Transport Bag
  • Tackle All types of dining environments and Secure Plates/Bowls to Any Type of Table or Surfaces with the Dual Suction or Clamp System!
  • Works great with smooth, non-porous dishes like plastic, ceramic, glass, china, stoneware and melamine dishes
  • Great for home and dining out at restaurants and Dishwasher Safe
  • Parts are all Made in the USA and interchangeable with the Baby Diner and The Plate Saver Clamp System

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Product Description

The Lil’ Diner Mealtime Survival Kit has you covered for all your dining needs. Don’t rely on bowls with suction cups built in or low quality table covers. Use a high quality suction cup system that works on almost all types of dishes and surfaces. The Baby Diner dish holder works great on smooth tables, the kind most of us have at home, as well as your baby’s highchair tray, just ensure that the bottom side is smooth and non-porous. Since not every restaurant table is smooth enough for the double suction to grip, the clamp system Plate Saver is ideal for keeping in the car or the diaper bag for eating out. The kit comes with everything you need and all parts are interchangeable. The Lil’ Diner Mealtime Survival Kit makes clean up easy, especially when dining out at restaurant. Don’t hassle with table covers or suction cup bowls that have to be cleaned after each use and don’t stand up to your child’s tugs and pulls. Use the Survival Kit and Enjoy your meal again. The dishes in your house or at the restaurant are generally made of stoneware or ceramic and have a nice glossy finish that work great with the Baby Diner or the Plate Saver. Then simply remove and throw it in the diaper bag for the next time without the stress of washing each time. Keep in mind, some plastic dishes have texture or manufacturing info printed on the bottom, try to avoid these dishes when using because they can compromise a good suction. Do yourself (and the restaurants you frequent) a big favor and try them both today. Made in the USA.


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