Lil Diner Plate Saver Clamp
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The Plate Saver


  • Secures Smooth Bottom Plates, Bowls and Even Cups to Any Table Instantly!
  • Clamp System is Great for Use with Tables or Surfaces That Have Rough or Porous Textures
  • Made in the USA
  • All Parts Are Dishwasher Safe
  • Great for at Home or Dining Out at Your Favorite Restaurant
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Product Description

Secure plates, bowls and even cups to any table with the The Plate Saver clamp system by Lil’ Diner! The Plate Saver by Lil’ Diner attaches to tables or structures that are rough or porous that the Baby Diner dish holder suction cups won’t attach to.  This allows a parent or guardian to secure a plate, bowl or any other dinnerware to prevent accidentally knocking or throwing of plates, bowls and even cups (with the cup holder attachment sold separately) on the floor by young children, persons with special needs or outdoor enthusiasts. It also provides a safe and sanitary eating environment when dining out. The Lil’ Diner Plate Saver clamp system works great with all standard restaurant bowls, plates and baskets of all types. Practically anything that has a smooth and non-porous bottom works!

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