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“This product truly is amazing!!! I can take the Lil’ Diner to any restaurant I choose without the concern of a neighboring diner receiving a strike from an unexpected flying object. I love it!”


“Forget Xanax, what you need is Baby Diner by Lil’ Diner, the portable device that secures plates, cups and bowls to any table. ”  


“Clamp de Lil Diner to the table edge press the plate down on the suction cup and enjoy a safe sanitary dining experience.”


“Our daughter is 16 months old so many times any plate we put in front of her ended up on the floor. Baby Diner makes our dining experience that much more enjoyable with one less thing to worry about.”
-Shelly and Matt


“I have one now and it fits in my diaper bag and Aria’s dining out is way cleaner, safer and less embarrassing!”


How the Baby Diner dish holder works“The Baby Diner by Lil’ Diner is an incredible product…   ….Moms everywhere know that little ones get messy while they eat, mainly because they can pick up their plates.”


Remember what it’s like to eat your soup while it’s still hot? Or to get immersed in an adult conversation without being interrupted by the sound of breaking glass? No? That’s okay, thanks to Baby Diner, it will all come back to you.


“Well, fly no more, food! One fabulous father – Lil’ Diner’s inventor – has invented perhaps the best thing since stationary sliced bread.” 
-HB Product Review Staff


“Get Ridiculously Serious About Preventing Spills… ”  
Sean Fallon


“If you have kids or grandkids who like to use their dinner plates as frisbees then you need a Lil’ Diner. I don’t miss having to walk across the floor and step on spilled food.  …help those little rascals focus on eating instead of playing with their food. ”
-Don , a thankful grandparent


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